Surfers Paradise, the very name conjures up visions of beautiful sandy beaches, deep blue water and rolling surf, and in Surfers Paradise that’s exactly what you get.

Sure, there’s the (very) tacky, glitzy tourist strip but Surfers is more than just that.

Surfers Paradise is the Gold Coast’s major hub, a district that has a high place in Queensland folk lore, famous, not only for the sand and surf, not only for the tourist attractions that are there in numbers, but also for its national and international music, culture and sporting events, and its proximity to a number of the best theme parks in the country.

As well as that, Surfers Paradise is also home to the largest nightlife district and some of the most luxurious accommodation in Queensland. Easy to get to as well thanks to the abundance of low cost flight to Australia.

Just 30 minutes from the Gold Coast airport at Coolangatta, you’ll discover that Surfers Paradise is a must see, must stay destination.

The facilities in Surfers are world class by any standard, with seven 5-star hotels as well as 168 good hotels with 4½ stars or less you’ll never want for a good place to rest your bones.

The beach at Surfers is beautiful, golden and clean, so clean in fact that it literally squeaks as you walk on it, perfect for a day of working on your tan.

The waves, while they’re not the greatest in terms of size, generally hold their shape and provide both the beginner and more adept surfer enough to keep them happy.

As always when you’re in the water anywhere in Australia you must be aware that the sharks are also there but at Surfers, most, if not all of the attacks have been by bull sharks in the rivers, lakes and canals, the water off the beaches is protected very efficiently by drum lines.

When you’re finished with the beach for the day you can hit any one of about 150 restaurants and cafes or just go straight to the hotel (pub) for your sustinance.

There are plenty of options.

When you add to the world-famous beaches, 7-day late night shopping, family favourite attractions and the new light-rail network connecting neighbouring precincts, Surfers Paradise is the perfect place to spend a week or two.

Surfers Paradise houses over 40% of all accommodation on the Gold Coast, making it the best place to be based when exploring the region.

There is an accommodation option to suit every budget.

There are 14 shopping centres and arcades in Surfers Paradise, so make sure you put on your walking shoes, explore them all and discover the hidden gems within the precinct.

If you’re looking for something unique to take home head down to the Surfers Paradise Beachfront markets every Wednesday and Friday night between 5:30pm and 10:00pm.

You can browse more than 120 market stalls which occupy more than half a kilometre of beachfront and offer a selection of locally made gift ideas ranging from accessories, crafts, artworks, beauty products, homewares, jewellery and music.

It’s worth the effort.

As the entertainment capital of Queensland, Surfers Paradise has multitude of nightclubs, pubs, bars and clubs, all within a two-kilometre radius and most operate into the early hours.

Also with an abundance of theme parks and family attractions, all in easy access, you’ll never be stumped for things to do day or night and of course, there’s the Indy Races (Motor racing, very noisy), which kick the summer off at Surfers Paradise every October.

If you’re in the area in March, you’ll be able to watch incredibly fit athletes competing in the Quicksilver Pro-Surfing Competition and the Surf Life Saving Championships.

If you like shopping, and what self-respecting woman doesn’t, you can discover the Gold Coast’s newest shopping and dining destination, The High Street, Surfers Paradise.

The High Street offers an abundance of exciting fashion, hair salon and accessory stores like Mimco, French Connection, Witchery, Mint Fashion, Collaboration+, Arden Leather, Urbbana, Hat World, Via La Moda, UGG King, Toledo Fine Jewellery and Antiques, La Sainte and Urbaine Nail and Beauty.

The High Street also features fabulous restaurants and eateries including Groove Train, Sushi Avenue, Yum Cha Noodle Haus, The Coffee Club, Blendzin, Korean Kitchen, Rice vs Noodles and Sky Yum Cha, Hudson & Co and Abbaracci.

Visitors to The High Street can also enjoy the convenience of the UAE Currency Exchange and a 7 Day Convenience Store.

The High Street adds a touch of style and glamour to Surfers Paradise, with a modern, chic environment yours to enjoy as you shop for the latest fashions and accessories, relax and enjoy a coffee or a meal, or be pampered at the exclusive Surfers Dental Spa.

You’ll find The High Street located directly beneath the Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel between Orchid Avenue and Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

Some say that surfers, beginner and more skilled, prefer beaches elsewhere and that may indeed be the case, some say that paradise exists here no more but there’s no denying this tacky and wild party zone attracts an incredible number of visitors (up to 20,000 per day!).

Tourists, with wallets full of money, flock to Surfers for a giddy dose of clubs and bars, shopping and sun bathing, malls and theme parks.

It’s a hedonistic place, every street corner has its share of bare chested young men and bikini clad girls with more cleavage than Sabrina.

The beach itself is indeed heavenly, but if you’re looking for culture, well, go somewhere else, you won’t find it here.

Surfers Paradise, glitzy? Tacky? Yes, but if you’re looking for a really good time Surfers Paradise can’t be beaten.

Surfers Paradise – A Queensland Icon on The Gold Coast