Mumbai is the financial capital of India right? But it does not mean you cannot afford to go there. You can easily visit on a week end and explore all the phenomenal spots it has to cater. Even if you are staying in Chennai and you feel that you would have to take weeks off to go to Mumbai and enjoy some time there; then you are wrong.

Well, what you can do is you can always avail at Ixifo flights. These flights are quite reasonable and would get you there within a short span of time. You can experience a great time therein. The best part is that there would be a lot of newness and exploration in the city. Mumbai do boasts about its stunning tourist attractions.  You can look at some of them below:

The Film City

The Film city is one of the chief highlights of Mumbai hence making it one of the most adored tourist places to visit in Mumbai.  It is finely equipped with a multitude of studios that encompass artificial mountains, gardens, lakes, cities and hamlets. It is all make it really difficult to distinguish the real from fake. It is apparent that film city is a dream world for the tourists everywhere. Constructed by Dada SahebPhalkeunder the well-known veteran actor, director V. Shantaram, this splendid film city belongs to early 20th century exist in in the peripheries of Goregaon near Borivali National Park.  The Film City is formed by Maharashtra Government that gives a rich variety of concessions and offices to this film business.

Chowpatty Beach

Near the Northern end of Marine Drive lays one of the most experienced seafronts known as Chowpatty Beach.  It is acclaimed for its amazing markets and dinners.  At this spot you can witness hundreds of salesmen over the shoreline to vend different items of things, specifically on Sunday nights.  You can explore the stalls circling around fast food and snacks such as Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri and much more. The entire area is hip and hearty throughout the evenings and during the day time too.

Once you are at this beech, you can also come across snake-charmers who amuse the crowds with their antics. You can even talk to fortune tellers therein if you are curious about your future.  On this beach, you can also relish the camel ride, horse ride by the sea shore. The shoreline is a perfect place to carry out Yoga “Asanas” and to relish runs too.  An addition in your fun is also merry-go-rounds, Beebee weapon shooting exhibitions on shoreline, ferry wheels. There would be much to explore and bag from therein!

Gateway of India

This is something that nobody would like to miss right?   It is one of the most unique landmarks that signify the city.  It came into existence in the year 1924 during the time of British Raj to commemorate the arrival of King George V along with Queen Mary to Bombay. It is a structure marks that the space as one of India’s main ports that formally represents elements of British grandeur.

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