Patna, the capital of the state of Bihar, and also being the state’s largest city, is one of India’s oldest continuously inhabited areas. Although it is known for great medical services and educational institutions, there are a lot of places to be visited in Patna. Since we have relatives residing there, my family decided to visit Patna during the summer holidays for a change.

There are in total 58 trains from New Delhi to Patna Junction. There are 8 Rajdhani trains, 3 GaribRath Trains, 25 Mail Express trains, 4 AC Express Trains, 1 AC Superfast Trains, 3 SamparkKranti Trains, 1 Duronto Train and 13 Superfast Trains. You also have the cheaper way of travelling by air by getting online deals on tickets, but I and my family like train journeys so we decided to travel by train.

We boarded the Kolkata Rajdhani Express train, knowing it takes the least amount of time to reach Patna Junction from New Delhi Station. It covers a distance of 998 kms in 11 hours and 35 minutes. If you are planning to travel by this train, I advise you to book tickets way prior because this train runs only on Fridays so the rush for tickets is a lot. We passed through Mughal Sarai Junction, Kanpur Central and Ara station.

Upon reaching, our relatives were already at the station to pick us up. We decided to start our sight seeing from the next day. We saw the Jalan Museum, which had a wide collection of ancient as well as modern art. It included stones, metal, ivory, rare pottery etc and we were quite amazed.

We also saw the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park in Patna. It is a nice place to hang around with family and friends. We had also carried tiffins so after enjoying the nature, we sat down for a mini family picnic. We had a really good time there.

The next day, we went to the Patna Museum. Everything was very well organised there. There were very old sculptures and paintings that were displayed in order of time. There is also a children section in the museum. After 3 to 4 hours of strolling, we had a nice meal at the canteen and returned.

We also saw the GolGhar or the ‘Round House” which is a large granary. It is a 29 m high building. We climbed at the top of the GolGhar through its 145 steps spiral stairway. From the top, we could see the panoramic view of the entire city of Patna. It was a wonderful sight!

The last day, we went to see the Takht Sri Patna Sahib. We spent a peaceful time in this Gurudwara, which is very well maintained. The langar was very satisfying as well. The lighting of the whole place was mesmerizing. The authorities have done a great job in maintaining the beauty and serenity of the religious place. We were sad to leave Patna, but the trip will always be in our hearts!

A vacational trip from New Delhi to Patna