What is modified starch?

Starches and modified starches

Starch is a white to slightly yellowish, odorless powder. Starch is a complex carbohydrate derived from plants (corn, potato, cassava, wheat, ..). In the world, starch can be extracted from more than 50 plants. Starch is called “starch” when extracted from tubers or roots.

modified tapioca starch are natural ingredients of human nutrition. In addition to their nutritional and energy value specific to carbohydrates, starches have multiple properties: bind, thicken, texture, stabilize, gel.

The starches can be used as is (native starch) or after modifications: modified starches or pregelatinized starches.

The modified starches are obtained from native starches which have been modified chemically and / or physically to give them particular properties.

Modified starches therefore have nothing to do with genetically modified products (GMOs). To avoid confusion, they are also called “processed starches”.

The consumption of modified starches is not dangerous for health, they are included in Annex I of the additives authorized without restriction in the European Directive 95/2 / EC.

Properties of modified starches

Unlike native starches, modified starches do not need to be cooked to develop their properties. The transformed starches are cold soluble. They are very handy for binding a cold sauce or salad dressing, or for giving viscosity or binder to … Travel More