Canada is no doubt the most beautiful country and tourist’s heaven. Tourists from all over the globe want to spend most of their time in here during their vacations. Before you start your journey to Canada, you must plan a spend some time on research. This way you can avoid common travel mishaps, like planning to travel much and underestimating the distance between cities. Another aspect is not to be aware of climate, travel requirements and transportation. Canada is adjacent and friendly with united states but it’s a different country with its own border, currency and laws. Do not assume that if its ok in your country then it will also be ok in Canada. Toronto Limousine Services has made a list for your consideration.

Check Your Eligibility

To visit any country, you need to meet some sort of requirements which make you eligible for that country. Canada has its own laws and you have to meet some requirements according to the Government of Canada, immigration and citizenship. This requires to have you a valid travel passport, good health, and appear to be ready and willing to leave country when visit time is over. You must also have a sufficient amount of money and no criminal record.

Documentation Requirements

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